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Account Takeover known as ATO is a type of identity theft where a bad actor gains unauthorized access to an account belonging to someone else. What types of organization are targets of ATO attacks? Fraudulent account access to customer accounts has always been a. The fraudsters can alter the victim’s mailing address on one or more accounts, and create excessive bills before the victim even notices that an ATO has occurred.Account Takeover MethodsThose who use. Account Takeover ATO occurs when an attacker illegally logs in to a user’s account. If the attack is successful, the malicious actor can carry out any manner of activities for their own gains. What is an Account Takeover ATO? The practice of gaining illegitimate access to user accounts, most commonly through sophisticated and automated attacks. How do ATOs work? ATOs use three resources. Stolen user credentials readily available on the Dark Web; Infrastructure to deliver the attack e.g., proxies, compromised servers and devices, etc.

Account Takeover ATO can be seen as a threat for the individual user, but companies are often held responsible for lost account funds, fraudulent withdrawn balances, and similar costly faults. ATO is especially challenging for the financial industry including banking, payment processing, cryptocurrency exchanges, and similar niches. A ccount takeover ATO or account takeover fraud is when an unauthorized person acquires a legitimate user's sensitive data in order to take over existing online accounts with the malicious goal of profiting from the value of the compromised account. ATO Fraud or Account Takeover Fraud is a form of identity theft in which a criminal gains control of a consumer’s account. In doing so, the perpetrator gains access to confidential information such as the consumer’s PIN, enabling them to change account settings, such as the statement mailing address or passwords, and/or enabling them to. What’s more, whereas credit cards often come with varying levels of liability protection, the same isn’t true when criminals have unrestricted access to bank accounts, retirement savings and other financial assets. What’s truly alarming is how hard it is to detect and reverse account takeover fraud. The Long-Term Impact of Account.

How it works. Imperva Account Takeover Protection utilizes a multi-layered, intent-based detection process to identify malicious logins. Policies are continuously tuned based on global intelligence for automatic protection with no added latency. Account takeover is particularly risky because it’s simple and low-effort to implement - we’ll explain how fraudsters do this attack below. Coupled with this, it can be very difficult to detect, as the attacker has access to a genuine customer’s history which looks normal. Account takeover ATO and credential stuffing attacks are rapidly increasing due to the ease in which customer accounts can by hijacked using credentials breached on other sites. Fraud is expensive. Multiple studies show total fraud incident costs are twice the cost of the fraud itself.

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